I am a Dublin born, Atlanta based photographer who specializes in taking photographs of whatever inspires me at a moment in time.  
Growing up in Dublin and travelling around Ireland,  I was constantly exposed to the beauty of the countryside, the architecture of the historic buildings, and the engaging people of my island.  I developed a curiosity about my world, and wanted to travel, explore, and meet other people.  I took a job that enabled me to do that, and have now visited 60+ countries, and lived and worked in 15.  Spending time in countries like Japan, working with the local people, eating the everyday food, trying to learn the local language (mostly with little success!) and culture, has given me a different vision of what is around us every day.
My photography is not of any one thing or concept, but is my way of recording and telling the stories I see around me.
Recent exhibits
2021 - Roswell Arts Fund - We are Forward Thinking
2019, 20 & 21 -  Roswell Visual Arts Center - Expressions of Light
2020 - Roswell Arts Fund - Roswell in Print
2020 - Atlanta Photo Group - Strange Times
2019 & 20 - ACP Exhibit - Roswell City Hall 
2019 & 20 - ACP Exhibit - Anna Lee's Restaurant
2019 & 20 - GNFCC Exhibit

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